Sencha Skene’s latest album is a departure from his more folk-rock style. This harder edged straight up rock album is a response to the events of 2019-2020. To hear the title track, view the video below.

Tracks (click on the image to purchase the album)

1 Sometimes the Wolves Are Silent 4:40

This song mourns the loss of innocence when a person turns their back on nature and gets caught up in the petty world of material possessions

2 Poetic Justice [Explicit] 4:03

For all of those who have ever felt downtrodden

3 Wrapped Up in Glass 4:25

Lost love, and the numbness that follows

4 Lady of the Woods 5:50

A good old-fashioned ballad. This song was written as a reaction to the sexist Republican policies that began to take root again from 2016 onward.

5 Shining 4:47

A visit to the Otherworld

6 Womb to Tomb 4:38

The loss of individuality in a world that insists on conformity

7 Siannon 4:51

A love song to the Irish River Goddess

8 Gaia Cries 4:06

A song about the rape of the Earth, our Mother

9 Sanculus 2:56

Instrumental inspired by the Alan Parsons Project’s Tales of Mystery and Imagination