Foundational Druidry

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Foundational Druidry in the Black Mountain Druid Order is a year-long introduction to Druidry as practiced by the Order.

“Druid” is probably the Gaelic equivalent of the word “shaman.” It means “oak wisdom” or “one whose knowledge is great.” The first version of the book you are now holding was written as a foundational course for members of the Black Mountain Druid Order. It was our manual for training those new to the Druid Path in what it means to be a contemporary Celtic shaman.

What is now the Black Mountain Druid Order was founded in 1997 by former members of Emerald Coast Druid Grove in Pensacola, Florida. When we moved to the Western North Carolina mountains in 2000, we often met in the town of Black Mountain, North Carolina, near Asheville. Our Mother Grove was then called the Black Mountain Druid Grove. The Grove became an Order in 2003 when it began training apprentices in the teachings of the Black Mountain Druid Grove.

As we grew as an Order, we gradually found ourselves shifting to an emphasis on Celtic shamanism. This book is a new version of the old Black Mountain Druid Order Handbook, which was revised and greatly expanded to reflect the changes in the nature of our Order as we introduced more shamanic teachings. The result of that revision is this book.

The primary mission of the Black Mountain Druid Order is to foster the growth and development of individual Druids and Druid Groves through the Black Mountain Druid Order’s educational programs, while helping our members to develop in mind, body spirit, and emotion through the Way of the Druid.

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Documentaries by Elder Grove Media

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Documentaries currently being produced by Elder Grove Media are listed below.

The Moon-Eyed People

The moon-eyed people were a race of people from Cherokee tradition who were said to have lived in the southern Appalachian region until the Cherokee expelled them. They are mentioned in a 1797 book by Benjamin Smith Barton. According to Barton, they were called “moon-eyed” because they saw poorly during the day and preferred to come out only at night. Cherokee legend says that the Moon-Eyed people were short and had pale white skin, blond hair, and blue eyes.
Theories about who the Moon-Eyed people were range from just folk tales from the Cherokee to ancient aliens, and everything in-between. In this documentary we’ll explore some possible theories on their origins and visit some of the places they were supposed to have occupied.

Statue of the Moon-Eyed People in the Cherokee County Historical Museum, Murphy, North Carolina.

The World Beneath the World

Considering climate change, pollution, over-development, over-population, and a host of other environmental, political and economic problems, it is becoming increasingly clear that the human race cannot continue on our present path. We need global systematic change, and we need it now.
What if, instead of relying on governments often reluctant to act on environmental issues, there was a ground-swell of grassroots movements to rebuild global and local culture from the ground up?
What if people decided to experiment with sustainable, conscious modes of living that gave back at least as much as they took from the Earth and from each other?
What if such people already existed?
The World beneath the World is a look at the grassroots sustainability movement from the cradle to the grave, starting at natural childbirth and ending at green burial with stops in-between at natural building, organic farming, the tiny homes movement, and more. The World beneath the World examines how people are making a difference now in their communities in spite of government inaction on environmental issues.

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