The Shadow Mountain Fae – 2022

The Shadow Mountain Fae

In 2020 my wife and I moved from the Appalachian Mountains of the Carolina to near the Cascade Mountains in Washington. I was pleased to find that the Pacific Northwest has its own tribes of the Fae. They’re a bit darker and more mysterious than the Fae of the Appalachians. This album is about some of my experiences with them.

This album also includes a remix version of “I Went Another Way,” which was released on Winter of the Wheel back in 2016. The original was just an acoustic solo piece. This new version has full instrumentation.

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Sometimes the Wolves are Silent – 2021

Sometimes the Wolves are Silent

Sometimes the Wolves are Silent is a departure for me. It has a harder rock edge than my previous, more acoustic-oriented works.

The last four years have left many of us wrestling with our sense of identity, and I wanted to explore that musically. Is money really more important than nature? Are trinkets and baubles really more important than relationships and connections? The songs on this album are my reflections on wrestling with these issues.

The title track comes from graffiti I saw on the wall in a pub in Clemson, South Carolina. The quote was, “Sometimes the wolves are silent and the moon howls.” At the time I didn’t know it was a George Carlin quote. To me, it spoke of something humankind has lost…our ability to be wild and free.

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Winter of the Wheel – 2016

Winter of the Wheel

This album was released when I was 56 years old. Along about the time I turned 50, I started to realize that there were more days behind me than in front of me. With that change in perspective, I realized that I had entered the winter of the wheel of my life…for this time around.

I first became interested in Paganism in 1976 and in Druidry in 1978 before discovering the Norse and Sami side of my heritage and embracing my cultural identity in 1980. This album is semi-autobiographical, and a look back on my life as a Pagan. The title track, Winter of the Wheel, pays homage to those who have gone before and from whom I have learned much on my journey.

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Tears Upon the Water – 2014

Tears Upon the Water

My first music project that was entirely Pagan-themed, with the band Taibhsear. This was our only release. It was highly experimental in nature and the result was fairly eclectic.

The title song, Tears Upon the Water, came about after the death of a friend who was Pagan and a war veteran. It was my tribute to his memory. In a time where his country refused to recognize his spiritual path, he was still willing to risk his life for his country.

This also contained early versions of Firefly Mountain and Samhain (Long Ago), which were both re-released on the Elder Tribe album.

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Rainbow Warrior – 2013

Rainbow Warrior

My third album of Native American flute music and ambient nature sounds. This one was inspired by the Rainbow Tribe spoken of in Hopi Prophecy:

“Warriors of the rainbow” is a prophecy told by many cultures including Cree, Navajo, Hopi, Salish, Zuni and the Cherokee related to the rainbow warriors.

The prophecy says that when the earth has suffered many environmental catastrophes, the Warriors of the Rainbow will come to show the way and to restore a path of life that honors nature. They are called the Warriors of the Rainbow because they will come from all races and all colors of people throughout the world, but they will all have a common message.
Each of the songs on this album are named after a color. Together they are my way of honoring the Warriors of the Rainbow. If you are one such warrior, this album honors you as well.

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Mist on the Mountain – 2012

Mist on the Mountain

My second album of Native American flute music.

The photo on the cover was actually taken about 500 yards from the home we lived in at the time. It was a cabin on the side of a mountain in the southern Appalachians, right on the border between North Carolina and South Carolina. The mountain in the picture is Table Rock. We were so remote that we had bears who came and played in our front yard.

The inspiration for this album came while sitting on the back porch of that cabin, watching the fog on Table Rock, the “mist on the mountain.”

The songs were inspired by locations in and around Cedar Mountain, North Carolina.

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Forest Echoes – 2010

Forest Echoes

I first started playing Native American flute in 2008. At the time I was creating meditation recordings and I wanted accompanying music. After finding out what it would cost to use other people’s music in the background of my meditation recordings, I decided it’d be easier to learn the flute myself instead.

My first flute was a Bear flute, and all the songs on this album were recorded with that Bear flute.

This is my first attempt at creating Native American flute music for meditative purposes. Although there are only five songs on the album, it’s nearly an hour of music. It’s good for meditation and contemplation.

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