Druidry is the spiritual path of Celtic shamans. In Active Druid Meditations Volume 1, Sencha the Vate, who has been practicing Druidry since 1978, takes you on a journey of exploration upon the Druid path.


Active Druid Meditations Volume 1 contains the following tracks:

  1. Passive Meditation – Any active Druid meditation begins with a passive meditation for grounding and centering. This track teaches you passive meditation.
  2. Tree of Life Meditation – This is a more intensive grounding and centering meditation.
  3. The Druid’s Egg – This meditation helps protect against negative energies.
  4.  Sacred Space Meditation – This meditation helps you to create a sacred space within your own psyche that you may return to for strength, calmness, and stress reduction.
  5.  The Cave – This meditation helps to conquer fear and reduce anxiety.

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