Druidry is the spiritual path of Celtic shamans. In Active Druid Meditations Volume 2, Sencha the Vate, who has been practicing Druidry since 1978, takes you on a journey of exploration upon the Druid path.


Active Druid Meditations Volume 2 contains the following tracks:

  1. Meditative Breathing – There are five types of Druid breathing. This meditation covers all five and discusses when to use each type to achieve different goals.
  2. Coyote Walk Meditation – Active meditation is about more than just sitting still. The Coyote Walk Meditation teaches you meditative walking.
  3. Meditative Body Scan – This meditation helps you to integrate body and mind into one coherent whole.
  4.  Meditative Ritual – When practicing the rites of Druidry, the best results are obtained when performing the rituals in a meditative state. This meditation teaches you how.
  5.  Meditative Healing – This meditation helps you to learn how to meditate while performing a healing ritual.

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