In 2018-2019 I put together a band called Elder Tribe. With the exception of the lead guitarist, all of the members were in our 50s or 60s. The Elder Tribe album, released in December of 2018, was a self-titled album and the only one ever released by the band. The band broke up when my wife and I left South Carolina to pursue other opportunities in the Seattle/Tacoma area. This album is more of a rocker than my previous solo efforts.


Click here to see the music video for Firefly Mountain from the Elder Tribe Album

1 Firefly Mountain 4:32

A dream I had (hopefully not clairvoyant) about survivors of the Apocalypse creating a mountain village/commune and watching the world die in the valley below.

2 Black Cat Strut 3:26

A fun, silly song about my cat teaching me how to dance.

3 Lady of the Woods 6:50

I wrote this one in the wake of restrictive laws being passed in 2016-2020 regarding women’s rights. The Lady of the Woods is an archetypal character representing how women have been oppressed throughout history.

4 Someone Else’s Dream 4:39

I’m from a small town in South Carolina. I returned there for a brief time after being away for 20 years. This song is about all the ghosts that haunt places and feeling out of place and time upon returning.

5 Howlin’ At the Moon 3:09

For anyone who’s ever woken up confused, hung over, and feeling like a “beast.”

6 Samhain (Long Ago) 5:43

Everything old is new again. A song I wrote after spending a night in a cabin in the mountains with my wife at Samhain (our anniversary). It’s about how the old traditions are coming back and blending with the new ones at this time of year.

7 The Dragon and the Druid 3:03

The Dragon is a universal archetype that has been with us since the dawn of humankind. The Druids understood this and honored their power. As Druidry arises again from the ashes of what it once was, we are re-claiming that power.

8 Merely Animals 4:23

The “atheist” song on the album. Merely Animals is a sort of “protest song” against people who preach dogma and love to tell others what to believe.

9 Track 4 5:23

An instrumental track. Yes, I know that Track 4 is actually the 9th track on the album. Lead guitarists…can’t live with ’em…

10 When the World Was Young 5:41

A love song for my wife. We’ve been together many times before, and I’m looking forward to being together many times after this life as well.

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