Rainbow Warrior features ambient music/atmospheric music. This album by Sencha is Native American flute music, guitar, and drums plus sounds of nature recorded in the Appalachian regions of the Southeastern United States. Inspired by the colors of the rainbow and the warrior spirit of the Rainbow Tribe.

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Rainbow Warrior contains ambient music featuring original compositions by Sencha. Rainbow Warrior is inspired by the warrior spirit and by the colors of the rainbow. Sencha took his inspiration for this album during his work with the Rainbow Tribe. This album features Native American flute music, acoustic guitars, and the sounds of nature.
Excellent music for meditation and/or relaxation.
Tracks include:
1 The Good Red Road
2 Cedar Mountain Sunset
3 The Golden Dawn
4 Green River
5 Blue Sky
6 Indigo Child
7 Morning Glory
8 The Black Storm
9 Branwen
Format: MP3 Music

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