In the album Seven Phases of the Druid Vision Quest, Sencha the Vate guides listeners on a meditative experience through the seven phases of Celtic shamanism.

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Seven Phases of the Druid Vision Quest guides you through the steps of Celtic shamanism using the journey of Lugh Lámfada from the Celtic saga The Book of the Taking of Ireland as a template. As Lugh journeys westward to do battle with the Fomorians, he passes seven distinct landmarks. Each of these landmarks represents a phase of shamanism. These meditations by Sencha the Vate guide you through each phase.

Tracks include:

  1. A Shouting over Many Fords – This phase of the Celtic shaman’s journey involves making a commitment to the path by announcing to the world that you are taking up the Vision Quest.
  2.  The Ford of the Loins – This phase of the Celtic shaman’s journey means saying goodbye to the material world in order to embrace the spiritual world.
  3.  The Gap of Separation – A Druid’s life is sacred. The original meaning of the word “sacred” meant “that which is set apart.” The Gap of Separation means that while you are in the world, you are no longer of the world.
  4.  The Plain of Following – This phase of the Celtic shaman’s journey means finding a new way of being in the world.
  5.  Round Mountain of the Poet’s Spring – At this point on the quest, the seeker learns to seek the divine inspiration of the awen.
  6.  The Mountain of the Gods – This phase of the Celtic shaman’s journey involves apotheosis. “Apotheosis” means “the process of becoming divine.”
  7.  The Mythical Druid – At the final phase of the vision quest, the seeker has mastered all of the prior levels and is now worthy to be called “Druid.”
  8.  Vision Quest – A rite of passage is the final phase of becoming a Celtic shaman. This rite is the Vision Quest, which involves a period of isolation and mediation to determine one’s life purpose.

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