Way of the Taibhsear Podcast 2015-2016

Way of the Taibhsear aired from 2015-2016 and was a podcast about Druid shamanism. “Taibhsear” is Gaelic for “Vision Seeker” and is the closest equivalent to the word “shaman” in Celtic lore.

Episode 1 Samhain 2015

Way of the Taibhsear 001 Samhain 2015

Episode 2 Your Birth Tree
Using the Ogham, a Celtic “tree horoscope” may be constructed to determine your birth tree. This episode tells you how.

Way of the Taibhsear 002 Your Birth Tree

Episode 3 Tuatha Dea
Interview with musical guests Tuatha Dea including many of their hit songs.

Way of the Taibhsear 003 Tuatha Dea

Episode 4 A Brief History of Druidry
The Druid Revival began about 300 years ago in Wales. Host Sencha discusses the history of the Revival and the story of the Druids in general.

Way of the Taibhsear 004 A Brief History of Druidry

Episode 5 Samhain Rite 2015
On-air Samhain Rite for 2015

Way of the Taibhsear 005 Samhain Rite 2015

Episode 6 Mama Gina
Hear some of Mama Gina’s music and stories in this special interview episode.

Way of the Taibhsear 006 with Mama Gina

Episode 7 The Web of Wyrd
The Nornir are three magical sisters who sit at the trunk of the World Tree, Ygdrassil, spinning fate. The tapestry they weave is the Web of Wyrd.

Way of the Taibhsear 007 The Web of Wyrd

Episode 8 Deep Ecology
What is Deep Ecology? Find out in this episode.

Way of the Taibhsear 008 Deep Ecology

Episode 9 Global Warming
The story and science behind climate change and global warming from a Druid perspective.

Way of the Taibhsear 009 Global Warming

Episode 10 Nimue Brown
Interview with Druid author Nimue Brown about her new book, When a Pagan Prays.

Way of the Taibhsear 010 Nimue Brown

Episode 12 Celebrating the Wheel of the Year

Way of the Taibhsear 012 Celebrating the Wheel of the Year