Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Facilitator Manual



This Second Edition of the Facilitator Manual for the Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Program contains the complete text of the Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Workbook plus additional material on how to facilitate each session of the program.

The Facilitator Manual also includes information on running a successful group, and the stages of group change and group dynamics. This manual is designed to help facilitators of the Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy program successfully implement a workshop series.

The Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy workshop series teaches you the 12 skills of Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy (MBE) by introducing one of these skills at each of the 12 sessions in the program. The experiential nature of the work allows anyone with access to outdoor spaces the opportunity to complete the series on their own.

The Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Workbook allows you to embrace the healing power of nature in an experiential way.

Unlock the Power of Mindfulness in Nature with the Facilitator Manual for Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Workbook!

The Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy program was created by the Mindful Ecotherapy Center, LLC in 2007. It is a 12-week, life-changing group therapy program. This manual teaches mental health professionals to conduct their own Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy groups based on our highly successful 12-week program model for group therapy. It is a proactive approach that focuses on solutions rather than on problems.

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that combines the healing power of mindfulness with the nurturing embrace of nature? The Facilitator Manual for Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Workbook is your comprehensive guide to facilitating life-changing experiences in the great outdoors.

What is Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy?

Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy is a groundbreaking approach that seamlessly weaves together mindfulness practices and the rejuvenating energy of nature. This unique fusion creates a holistic space for personal growth, self-discovery, and connection to the world around us.

Why Choose Our Facilitator Manual?

This Facilitator Manual was written for mental health professionals seeking to start their own Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy groups. Some of the features include:

Comprehensive Curriculum: Dive into a well-structured curriculum designed to guide participants through mindfulness practices set against the backdrop of nature’s wonders.
Expertly Crafted Sessions: Benefit from thoughtfully designed session plans, ensuring a seamless and impactful journey for both facilitators and participants.
Adaptable for All Settings: Whether you’re working with small groups, large workshops, or one-on-one sessions, our manual provides the flexibility to adapt to diverse settings. In case of inclement weather, this Facilitator Manual includes activities that can be done indoors yet still harness the healing power of nature
Inclusive and Accessible: Tailored for both seasoned facilitators and those new to mindfulness and ecotherapy, our manual fosters an inclusive and accessible experience for all.

What’s Inside the Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Facilitator Manual?

Detailed Session Outlines: Step-by-step guides for each session, making it easy for facilitators to lead with confidence.
Engaging Activities: Tried-and-true, evidence-based mindfulness activities, ecotherapy practices, and group exercises that captivate participants and deepen their connection to nature.
Supporting Resources: Supplemental materials and resources to enhance the overall learning experience and provide additional tools for personal exploration. This manual includes an extensive glossary of terms and an exhaustive references section for further reading.

Unlock the Healing Potential of Nature with Us!

The Facilitator Manual for Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Workbook is not just a guide – it’s a key to unlocking the healing potential of nature. Join us in bringing mindful awareness to the great outdoors and creating spaces where individuals can reconnect with themselves and the environment.

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Order your copy and embark on a journey of mindfulness and ecotherapy like never before. Together, let’s cultivate a more mindful and harmonious world, one nature-inspired session at a time!