NEW RELEASE! Tin Foil Aliens


About Tin Foil Aliens

In the 1970s a group of mischievous teenagers with an interest in science fiction and magic tricks decided to play a few pranks. This eventually got out of hand, starting the northeast Alabama UFO ‘flap’ of the 1970s.

This is their story…

Tin Foil Aliens: How to Fake an Alien Invasion is in two parts. The first part is the story of how a group of my friends and I faked several UFOs and alien encounters in the early 1970s. One of these hoaxes included the now infamous “Tin Foil Alien” also known as the “Alabama Metal Man.”

The second part Tin Foil Aliens delves into the psychology of hoaxes and conspiracy theories like alien abductions and close encounters. In Chapter 7 we’ll review the study of extraterrestrial life and discuss how understanding the science can help us avoid being taken in by dubious claims of alien encounters. Next, we’ll look at some common myths surrounding the UFO phenomenon and how to debunk them by analyzing the evidence.

Conspiracy theories are on the rise all over the world. Why are some people more prone to believing conspiracy theories? Why are some more easily taken in by UFO hoaxes? In Chapter 10 we’ll attempt to answer these questions by looking into the psychology of conspiracies.

In possibly the most controversial chapter in the book, we’ll look at some popular UFO phenomena that later turned out to be hoaxes. Did you fall victim to any of these? Find out in Chapter 11: Some Common Hoaxes.

The information available regarding any UFO or UAP is only as good as its source. People are often fooled by sensationalist reporting designed to get clicks or likes. Such sensationalism is rarely based on truth. In Chapter 12 we’ll examine the characteristics of responsible reporting to keep you from getting taken in by misinformation in the media.

People often assume that due to my skepticism I’ve never experienced anything I couldn’t explain. Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t true. In Chapter 13 I give an account of my own regarding the sighting of a huge black triangle UFO back in the 1990s in rural South Carolina.

We end our journey together in Chapter 14 with an epilogue called  How to Spot  a Hoax in 1O in Ten Steps. This chapter is designed to be a quick and handy reference for those investigating any unexplained phenomena.

It was a pleasure reminiscing about my youth as a prankster while writing this book. If it is half as entertaining for you reading it as it was for me writing it, I will have achieved my goal as its author.