Sencha’s latest solo effort. This one is more of a hard rocker than most of Sencha’s previous efforts. The events of 2020-2021 inspired this darker, more metal album.

9 SONGS • 40 MINUTES • JUN 13 2021

1 Sometimes the Wolves Are Silent 04:40
2 Poetic Justice 04:03
3 Wrapped Up in Glass 04:25
4 Lady of the Woods 05:50
5 Shining 04:47
6 Womb to Tomb 04:38
7 Siannon 04:51
8 Gaia Cries 04:06
9 Sanculus 02:56

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Released in June of 2021, this album is a departure from Sencha’s usual folk rock influences. Sometimes the Wolves are Silent is more of a hard rocker with some heavy metal overtones. This album explores the Otherworld and the line between life and death where the veil is thinnest. Click on a link below to sample.

1 Sometimes the Wolves Are Silent 4:40

The title track of the album. Many years ago I saw this phrase on the bathroom wall of a pub in Clemson, South Carolina. At the time I didn’t realize it was a quote from George Carlin. This song is about how sometimes relationships devolve into the pursuit of material possessions, forgetting to make room for nature and each other.

2 Poetic Justice [Explicit] 4:03

I wrote this one back in the 1980s when I was having a bout of self-pity after a divorce. The song was my way of coming to the realization that I was perfectly capable of standing on my own two feet, if I’d just get out of my own way.

3 Wrapped Up in Glass 4:25

Another song from the 1980s. The original idea came to me in a dream about a lost love between a Lord and his Lady. It’s about how numbness sets in when you’ve given your all and there’s nothing left to give.

4 Lady of the Woods 5:50

A re-mix from a previous release on the Elder Tribe album. I wrote this one in the wake of restrictive laws being passed in 2016-2020 regarding women’s rights. The Lady of the Woods is an archetypal character representing how women have been oppressed throughout history.

5 Shining 4:47

Now that I’m in my sixties, the Otherworld feels closer than ever. This is a song about drawing near to that world, and what lies beyond.

6 Womb to Tomb 4:38

This is the oldest song on the album. I wrote it in 1975 for my high school band. I went to high school in conservative northern Alabama, during the middle of the Civil Rights Movement. The pressure to conform was tremendous, even then. Especially for a young man only beginning to explore Paganism. It was a dark time, and the lyrics reflect that.

7 Siannon 4:51

Ode to the River Goddess Siannon. I’ve spent most of my life in and on rivers…a true “river rat.” She’s always been by my side.

8 Gaia Cries 4:06

We’re rushing headlong towards a series of environmental crises. Unfortunately it’s probably too late to do anything about some of them. This song is a lament for Mother Earth.

9 Sanculus 2:56

An instrumental to finish off the album. I was thinking about the Sami part of my heritage when I wrote it. Not that it sounds anything like Sami music…it was more inspired by visions of the frozen north lands of Scandinavia.

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